New Features

Version 3.0

Natural version 3 upgrade
All Peek modules are now compiled under Natural version 3.1. Sites running Natural 3 or Natural 4 will be able to execute these modules without any problems.
Larger internal array sizes
The internal limit of 300 fields per DDM has been raised to 600. This will reduce the need to use User DDMs. It is planned that User DDMs will be phased out in future Peek releases.
Collation descriptors
Files may be accessed via the new Adabas Collation descriptors.

Version 2.5

Support for Natural version 4 modules
When an LDA or module is specified as the source of a Natural file view, Peek reads the object code to obtain the list of LDA fields. Each new version of Natural usually changes the internal layout of the object code.

Version 2.4

Updating of multiple records
The MOD command is now available from the Report (multi-record) Screen. Each record is modifiable, however only the records that are changed are actually updated.
UDB support
The UDB parameter may now be modified from within Peek.
Site-specified help screens
Each site may now provide their own specific help screens, in addition to, or in place of the screens supplied with Peek. These help screens may be in any language.

Version 2.3

Multiple language support
Limited support for languages other than English is now provided.

Version 2.2

Adabas 6.1 support
Adabas version 6.1 now allows a Read Descending command. This is supported by PEEK via the LD command from the keys screen. Once this access method has been selected, all records will appear in reverse sequence. Two-byte database and file numbers are also supported.
User exits to format data
The file preferences window now allows entry of the name of a user-exit which will be called whenever certain fields from the current file are to be displayed. This user-exit may modify the data before it is shown on the screen.
File linking
You can now switch from one file access to another via a single PF-key (See description). Additionally, you may select field values from the first access to be used as a starting value for the second access.
Selection window for where criteria
When specifying where criteria, you may now select fields from a scrolling window.
Field prefix suppression
Each file may have a standard field prefix defined. Any field names that begin with that prefix will have the prefix removed from the displayed field name.
Scrolling during update
When adding or modifying a record you can now scroll through the various pages and screens of that record and still remain in update mode. Be aware however that an ET is done for each screen after every ENTER or PF key.
10 fields per redefinition
The number of fields in a redefinition has been expanded from 7 to 10.
File views in programs
You can now specify a program or subprogram name on the file screen in order to use any file views contained therein. This is identical to specifying an LDA.
Automatic program generation
From either browsing screen you may now use the GEN command to generate a NATURAL source program. This program can be modified and saved if required, and then run to produce a report based on the current file access, including any starting values, where criteria and edit masks.