Creating a FAQ

Site help


Each site may add their own online help (or FAQ) items. These screens may be used in addition to the ones provided with Peek, or in place of them. The user settings module PKUSRN01 contains a parameter #FAQ-LEVEL which should be set to one of the following values:

  1. Only use the Peek FAQ (default setting)
  2. Use Peek's FAQ followed by the site's FAQ
  3. Use the site's FAQ followed by Peek's FAQ
  4. Only use the site's FAQ

Then create a text module in the PEEK library for each FAQ entry you wish to create. Name the module according to the naming convention described below. Within the module include any text that you wish, in any language. The first line must contain the FAQ's title, line two should be left blank and lines three onwards contain the text description.

Here is an example:

0010 Allow the site to add their own FAQ
0030 Create a text module in the PEEK library for each
0040 topic. Name the module HELPXXYY, where XX is a Peek
0050 module identifier and YY is the sequence number
0060 (e.g. HELP0501 would be the first site-provided
0070 topic for PEEK module 05).
0090 The PEEK module numbers are:
0110    00 All screens       04 Starting values
0120    01 File screen       05 Detail screen
0130    02 Keys screen       06 Report screen
0140    03 Where criteria    07 Either data screen