File screen

File screen


The first screen shown is the file screen. It allows you to choose the file you wish to use. You can specify a file using a DDM name, an existing LDA/view name combination, or via a user-defined subset of a DDM.

PEEK stores information about all previous sessions for each user. Every time you start a PEEK session the name of the DDM and/or LDA (or user DDM) which you last accessed will appear on the screen as the default. You may scroll through the 20 most recent sessions by using the PF7/PF8 function keys.

Many of the commands available from most screens can be accessed on their web page as well. Click the mouse on the PF key text shown on the screen image above to see what effect it would have when actually running Peek.

Screen fields

Screen field Description
File name Enter any valid DDM name. As long as the user has access to the file via Natural Security, PEEK will allow the file to browsed.
LDA/Program As an alternative to the file name, the user may enter the name of a previously catalogued Local Data Area (LDA) or program containing one or more file views. This allows users to create views containing only the fields which they want to access.
View name If an LDA or program name is specified, and it contains more than a single view, then the name of the required view must be specified here. However, if this field is left blank then a scrolling window will appear allowing you to select the view from a list.
User DDM name If you wish to use a previously defined User DDM then specify its name in this field. Alternatively press PF11 to show a scrolling list of available User DDMs.
Library This value will default to the current library. However, if the user wishes to use an LDA which exists in a different library, or a DDM which has been linked to a different library, then that library name may be specified here.


PF key Command Description
PF1 help Display a help screen
PF2 prefs Display the user preferences window
PF3 . Exit from PEEK
PF5 files Display a list of available file names.
PF7, PF8   Scroll through a list of the previous 20 sessions. These are the same sessions that are shown via the PF10 key, except they are shown in the order that they were last accessed.
PF9 keys Go directly to the key screen, even when a previous session is being accessed. This command is useful if you wish to access the file without using the information stored in the preferences file about the previous access.
PF10 prev Display a complete list of the user's previous sessions. Any session may be selected.
PF11 u ddm Select a user DDM from a scrolling list of all previously defined user DDMs.
PF12 alter Alter or create a user DDM.
PF17 udb Display a window allowing the user to alter the current UDB setting.
PF23 how/faq Display the 'hints and tips' window.
ENTR   Perform screen validation. If a valid DDM has been specified, either the access screen (for a new session) or the browsing screen (for a previous access) will be shown.
CLR . Exit from PEEK.
  ver Display a window showing the current version number.
  ? Display a window showing the commands available from this screen.
Display the multi-record-browsing screen Display a help window Display the user preferences window Exit from Peek Show a scrolling window of all the available files Show previous file accessed Show next file accessed Select an access method and key Select a previous session Select a User DDM from a list Create or modify a User DDM