User preferences

user preferences


This window is available from any of the four main screens. It allows the user to adjust the settings which control every PEEK session. Settings which may vary for each file access are accessed from the file preferences window, which appears after this window.

Screen fields

Screen field Description
Check keys for data The key screen contains a column to indicate whether or not each key listed actually has any entries in the associator. Having this feature turned on will slow down the response for the screen, so the user may disable it if desired.
Decimal character The decimal character to use when displaying decimal fields. Options are '.' or ','.
Initial file list filled When the file list is displayed, you may control whether it appears empty to allow the entry of a starting value, or whether it shows the first page already filled with the first eight files that are available from the current library.
Show File Screen message Each new version of PEEK may show a message on the file screen to introduce a particular feature. Use this option to turn off the message.
Truncated field option Sometimes fields shown on the report screen are too long to display on a single line, so the display is truncated. This option controls what happens to the unshown data when the field is modified. Select M if you want the new data to be merged with the unshown data, or select T if you wish the field to be truncated at the screen's edge.
Multi-record title justification Indicates whether the field titles on the report screen should be left-justified or centred.
User-exit module The name of a user-exit which PEEK will perform at the beginning and end of each PEEK session.
Environment text You may enter here any 12 characters which will appear in the top, right corner of both browsing screens. This could be useful to identify the current environment (if your site supports multiple sessions). Alternatively, you could use it to identify your own screen dumps.


PF key Command Description
PF3   Return to the previous screen.
PF7/PF8   If both preferences screens are available, you may use the PF7/PF8 keys to switch between them.
CLR . Exit from PEEK.
Enter   If this screen was accessed from the file screen, ENTER will return to that screen. If it was accessed from the access screen, or either browsing screen, ENTER will show the file preferences window.
  ? Enter a question mark in any of the preference input fields to display a help screen about that item.