Select User DDM

selecting a user DDM


This scrolling window displays a list of all the previously defined User DDMs. Included in the list are User DDMs defined by other users. You may select any of the displayed records, but you may only modify or delete those that you create yourself.

Screen fields

Screen field Description
Sel Place the cursor next to any of the listed User DDMs to select it, or enter 'D' to delete it.
DDM name The name of the DDM used to access the file.
User DDM name The unique name that was given to the User DDM when it was created.
Own An asterisk in this column indicates that the User DDM was created by the current user.


PF key Command Description
PF3   Return to the file screen.
PF7/PF8   Scroll backwards/forwards.
CLR . Exit from PEEK.
Enter   Scroll forwards if there are more pages to display.