PEEK is a NATURAL utility which allows programmers to easily view and modify the data on ADABAS files. No coding is required - simply select your file and access method, enter a starting value, and the data is immediately available for browsing or editing.

PEEK consists of six main screens and windows. The diagram below shows the relationships between each:

screen relationships

File screen
Where you identify the file you wish to view. You may also select from a scrolling list of available files.
Key screen
Select the access method and key. All access methods are supported - Read Logical, Read Physical, Read by ISN, Histogram and Find.
Detail screen
View the contents of a single record. All elementary fields, MUs and PEs are available from this screen.
Report screen
View up to 15 records per screen in a report format. All elementary fields are available from this screen, along with up to the first five occurrences of each MU and PE field.
Starting values window
Start the access from a particular position within the file. When using a Find access, specifying a starting value is mandatory, for the others it is optional.
Where criteria window
Specify conditional criteria to reduce the number of records returned. Specifying where criteria is always optional.
file screen access screen detail screen report screen starting values where criteria