User LDA

user LDA


Sometimes you may wish to have the convenience of using a cut-down version of the DDM, but without the extra effort of creating a fresh LDA. This function allows you to suppress DDM fields on-the-fly.

To suppress DDM fields you give the command 'LDA'. PEEK will display the above screen which contains all of the DDM fields. From this list you select the fields which you wish to include in your user-LDA. Once the fields have been selected, the browsing screen is redisplayed, with only the selected fields visible.

You can toggle between the user-LDA and the DDM by using the command 'S' from either browsing screen in the same way as you would with a real LDA.

Whenever you are viewing either browsing screen and you wish to alter the field list, or cancel the current user-LDA, give the 'LDA' command once more.

Screen fields

Screen field Description
Typ Type of DDM field (e.g. GR for group field, MU for multiple value fields etc.)
Long name DDM field long name.
Format The format of the field as stored in the DDM.
Key Whether or not the field is a descriptor, sub- or superdescriptor.
Uq Whether the key is unique.
Sub/super info Any sub- or superdescriptors of which the field is a component.
Nm The ADABAS two-character short name.


PF key Command Description
PF3   Accept the data as entered and return to the single-record browsing screen.
PF7, PF8   Scroll to the previous/next screen
PF12   Cancel the user-LDA
CLR . Exit from PEEK.
ENTER   Accept the data as entered and display the next screen.