Edit masks

edit masks


Each field that PEEK displays on either of the two browsing screens may have an edit mask applied to it before being displayed. This mask will alter the appearance of the field in some way. To apply an edit mask, position the cursor on the field and press PF18 (or give the command 'MASK' or 'M').

Screen fields

Screen field Description
Field The name of the field which is to have a mask applied.
Sel Position the cursor so that it is in the selection field adjacent to the format which you wish to select.
Description The name of each of the possible edit masks which may be applied to this field.


PF key Command Description
PF1 Help Display a help screen
PF3   Return to the browsing screen.
PF7/PF8   Scroll backwards/forwards through the screen's pages.
PF9/PF10   Scroll backwards/forwards through any other fields which also have a mask.
CLR . Exit from PEEK.