SAG modules

There are a number of user modules provided by Software AG that may be needed by Peek. If their functionality is required, they must be copied from library SYSEXT/SYSSEC to SYSTEM.

This module is required if your site uses Natural Security and you wish to integrate it with Peek. It can be found in library SYSSEC.
This is another module that Peek will call if Natural Security integration is required. It is also in library SYSSEC.
This module returns error message text for sites that are still running Natural version 2.2.8 or earlier.
This module is called by Peek when converting B8 fields to date/time format. It is only required if your site has a file with one or more B8 fields which are used as binary timestamps.
This user module returns details about the current UDB settings. If your site enables UDB manipulation from within Peek (see